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Bluegrass Ambassadors Field Trip Program into schools!

(This video below tells you all about it!)

During the past 5 months, The Henhouse Prowlers have been creating Bluegrass Ambassadors Field Trip– a multi-genre and multi-cultural virtual program for K-2 teachers and their students!

We need your help bringing it across the finish line and so that all the incredible artists who participate in the Bluegrass Ambassadors Field Trip, can be compensated for their great talent and time.

The Bluegrass Ambassadors Field Trip is a curriculum for K-2 teachers to use in the classroom and online with supplemental videos and a passport workbook.  

Each Bluegrass Ambassadors Field Trip will be four, one-hour modules to be used once a week, over a month.The in-depth program will take students through three different genres of music using the music and expertise of musicians from around the world. 

All Field Trips align with Illinois state standards for music, geography and history incorporating concepts such as rhythm, emotions, world cultures and more. All one-hour sessions have several natural stopping points for teachers to incorporate into other classroom situations. 

*The final session includes a live visit from the Henhouse Prowlers on Zoom with the entire classroom participating in a fun Q & A session.

We've enlisted some of our favorite artists, musicians and filmographers to help out with building this powerful program and we're honored to be compensating them all fairly.

Infinitely and forever grateful, the Henhouse Prowlers simply can't do this work without the generosity of our fans, friends and community.  

Thanks to all of our sponsors including, Downhome Guitars in Frankfort, Illinois and Stem Cider in Denver, Colorado and indeed our very own, Bagel Man– Jon Goldfine! (Wait, we don't need to thank him!)

Thank YOU for helping make this a reality!!!

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